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The green vegan chick:

Bought this amazing vegan soap at the Vegan Goods Market which is called Funky Zebra.

Isn’t is pretty  It’s from Cape Teal Soaps. There’s all sorts of soaps including a shampoo soap. So much natural goodness. I obviously bought a few succulents as well #vegansoap #naturalsoap #supportlocal succulentaddict

Body Buzz:

Thank you Phillip at Cape Teal Soaps for inviting my son and I to witness the cold soap making process. I’ll never underestimate the careful hand required to create such gentle soaps. From precise temperatures and consistencies to quality tested ingredients. Phillip continues to create impressive combinations and goes beyond to meet his customers requirements. What an insightful day this has been. Thank you Phillip and Carol for sharing your time and being so honest and transparent with your recipes and natural soap making process.


Just some of the awesome goodies I picked up at the Vegan Goods Market in Plumstead today.

Delicious air-dried Mushroom Biltong (Jerky) from Airdriedfoods and I can’t wait to try these home-made vegan soaps by Cape Teal Soaps. A good morning, all in all. #compassion 💚 #capetown #vegan #southafrica #mushrooms #soap #kindness #anonymousforthevoiceless #animals #animallove #lovingkindness #theimportantthingsinlife


Love grapefruit!! Some great therapeutic properties right there. Nice work Philip Jeal.

The coffee ground mix works wonders too, must get me some more of that!